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To describe the clinical course and necropsy findings of 2 dogs after exposure to quaternary ammonium disinfectants.

Case Series Summary

Two dogs were treated after accidental exposure to quaternary ammonium disinfectants in kennel settings. Both dogs developed ulcerative upper gastrointestinal lesions, severe pulmonary disease, and skin lesions. In the second case, the skin lesions were severe and became necrotizing. Both patients were ultimately euthanized due to severity of illness and lack of response to therapy.

New or Unique Information Provided

Quaternary ammonium compounds are commonly used as disinfectants in veterinary hospitals and boarding facilities. This is the first report detailing presentation, clinical picture, case management, and necropsy findings in dogs exposed to these chemicals. Awareness of the severity of these poisonings and the potential for fatal outcome is imperative.

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