Year in Review – EVECC Congress 2022-2023

Resources I have found very useful over the years!

Life in the Fast Lane

Human critical care online encyclopaedia – definitely a “go to” of mine.

PulmCrit archives

Josh Farkas’ articles and recommended reading.

EMCrit archives

Scot Weingart’s articles and podcasts on all things critical care.

Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse

Kate Baker providing cytology CPD, cytology tips by e-mail as well as telepathology services……as seen on the facebook group Veterinary Cytology Coffeehouse

Great veterinary ECC resources and quizzes online, on social media and via e-mail.

eClinPath – Cornell

Leave the textbook behind with this very helpful clin path library

Veterinary neurology video resource

An incredible resource here for practising neurolocalisation, courtesy of the late Professor de Lahunta.

Neuroanatomy of the dog

Fantastic online resource for budding (or established) neurologists


Evidence based summaries of clinical topics