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Hemolysis is an indicator of storage lesion that occurs in stored packed red blood cells (pRBCs) over time. Intermittent mixing of red blood cells in the additive solutions may be beneficial but may also result in iatrogenic injury. Position of units in storage may also affect the quality of the pRBCs. This prospective study was designed to evaluate hemolytic effect of mixing frequency and storage position on canine pRBCs over a period of 28 days.


Prospective in vitro study


Private practice referral hospital with an internal blood bank


Thirty-two healthy prescreened dogs enrolled in a volunteer blood banking program



Measurements and main results

A total of 160 samples were evaluated. Forty canine pRBC units were split into 4 daughter bags and stored in varying positions with different mixing frequencies. Samples were stored upright and mixed daily, upright and mixed weekly, horizontally and mixed daily, or horizontally and mixed weekly for a period of 28 days. At days 0, 7, 14, and 28, samples from the units were analyzed to calculate percent hemolysis. No differences were found in any hemolytic indicators investigated (total hemoglobin, free plasma hemoglobin, and packed cell volume) until day 28 in all test groups. Canine pRBCs stored upright and mixed weekly or stored horizontally and mixed weekly resulted in less hemolysis and free plasma hemoglobin when compared to units stored horizontally and mixed daily only at day 28.


Statistically significant hemolysis was not evident amongst canine pRBC groups less than 28 days old suggesting that positioning and mixing frequency was irrelevant until day 28. Beyond 28 days despite the presence of hemolysis, no definitive recommendation could be made with respect to best practice for storage position or mixing frequency of stored canine pRBCs.

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