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To describe acute cerebral compression caused by an epidural hematoma (EDH) in a dog with cryptococcal infection.

Case Summary

An 18-month-old neutered male Neapolitan Mastiff was found comatose with no preceding clinical signs apart from a mild forelimb lameness. A CT scan of the head revealed a lesion within the right caudal nasal cavity that traversed the cribriform plate in addition to a right epidural lesion resulting in compression of the right cerebrum. Assessment of brain death was made based on the presence of coma, apnea, and absence of brain stem reflexes and included assessment of the vestibulo-ocular reflex. Postmortem identified a large EDH causing marked compression of the right frontal lobe. A nasal biopsy cultured Cryptococcus gattii.

New or Unique Information Provided

EDH formation in a dog secondary to cryptococcosis has not been previously reported. This is also the first time a caloric vestibulo-ocular reflex assessment has been reported in a dog.

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