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To describe the clinical course and novel biochemical changes in 3 cats with lisdexamfetamine (LDX) toxicosis.

Series Summary

Three cats presented with LDX exposure and initially displayed typical clinical signs of amphetamine toxicosis. However, over the course of hospitalization, hypoglycemia and markedly elevated creatine kinase levels consistent with rhabdomyolysis ensued. All cats were treated with sedatives including phenothiazines and dexmedetomidine. Two cats were hospitalized for 4 days and 1 for 5 days. All cats survived.

New or Unique Information Provided

This is the first case series in cats that reports the novel biochemical changes of delayed hypoglycemia and elevated creatine kinase several days into hospitalization for the treatment of LDX toxicity. The development of delayed clinical signs suggests reconsideration of established hospitalization guidelines for amphetamine ingestion in cats.

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