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To address the shortage of emergency veterinarians, the profession is exploring accelerated training pathways. We sought to contribute to the solution by developing the foundation for an open standard, competency-based veterinary emergency training curriculum for use by any program. We also developed a curricular delivery, tracking, and assessment system to demonstrate how the framework can be integrated into training programs. 


Hybrid Delphi method. 


Academia and referral practice. 





Measurements and Main Results

An emergency veterinary competency framework was developed by adapting the human Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine, which aligns with the Competency-Based Veterinary Education framework, to produce 4 areas of core competency: Patient Care, Interpersonal/Communication, Professionalism, and Practice-based Learning/Improvement. A comprehensive list of veterinary emergency skills was generated and organized within the framework utilizing the hybrid Delphi method. An initial survey completed by 133 emergency and critical care specialists and emergency room clinicians produced data regarding the value of specific skills. An 11-member focus group consisting of survey participants iterated upon the survey results to produce a master library of skills and cases, including 56 Patient Care, 43 Interpersonal/Communication, 11 Practice-based Learning/Improvement, and 20 Professionalism skills, as well as 155 case types. The curricular delivery system tracks and assesses case management proficiency and development of knowledge and professional skills using a patient care eLearning program and simulation training environment. 


The increasing need for emergency veterinarians is a shared industry-wide challenge. To contribute toward a collective solution, we have undergone an evidence-based process to create the foundation for an open standard competency framework composed of a library of skills and cases. We offer this open standard framework to the veterinary profession and hope it continues to grow and evolve as we drive toward developing competency-based training programs that address the shortage of emergency veterinarians.

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